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The earliest historical information dates back to the 13th century

The family owed their social ascent to their gradual establishment in the trading of spices.

Spice apothecaries, as they were called at that time, were the forefathers of today’s pharmacists and were highly esteemed in towns.

The fortune of the Fiorenzis took off in Osimo, a town which became increasingly important in the State of the Church over the centuries, especially thanks to the courage and resourcefulness of descendants who would then give the family the title of counts and add the symbols of the Anjou family to the coat of arms.


An immersive experience full of history

Visitors will perceive an atmosphere of a distant past right upon accessing the large, frescoed entrance hall, as well as while going up the beautiful nineteenth-century staircase to the top floor under the severe gaze of paintings depicting the abbots of the family.

The ancient pulley, once used to carry wood up to the various floors, is still exploited to lift heavy objects.

Our Goal

To offer guests the chance to enjoy unique moments and emotions linked to the past

What We Offer

Each room of the palace contains a story to be told

Gianlorenzo and Silvia

Fiorenzi Counts

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