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Dai Tetti Ai Sibillini

typologydouble deluxe panoramicTVTV led 43' with internet subscriptionsprivate bathroomextra size shower, hair dryer, shower gel and shampoocoffee machine and kettltisane and coffee pods and cookiesmini-barsoft drinkssafepresent in the suiteair conditioningpresent in the suitesecond private bathroomhower, hair dryer, bubble bath and shampoodouble sofa bed in the livingroompossibility of adding 2 peopleShare

A few details of the suite

The suite, which accommodated Countess Eleonora Della Porta, wife of Teodosio Fiorenzi, after his passing away in 1935, was the only room in the house to have an en-suite bathroom. The bathroom, of ancient construction and fine workmanship, juts out of the wall overlooking the roofs below. Its small window offers a breathtaking view of the Apennines where the sun sets.

The suite has two bathrooms and a double sofa bed in the anteroom/living room to accommodate two more people.

Sketch by Bruno da Osimo

Bruno da Osimo, pen name of Bruno Marsili, was a xylograph engraver and writer born in Osimo in 1888 and died in Ancona in 1962. In addition to being a wood engraver, he was also a designer of ceramics and projects for furniture, wrought iron work and artisanal worked leather productions. The sketch depicts the guard post of an ancient prison, probably the one that could have been in the current cellars of the palace, when the guard tower had not yet been destroyed and the palace not yet built. The jailer’s face is really funny …

Etching of Emperor Joseph II and Leopold Grand Duke of Tuscany


Engraver: Rossi Andrea (news 1725-1775)

Inventor: Batoni Pompeo Girolamo (1708/ 1787)

Ornamental plates

Two 18th-century painted ornamental plates of fine workmanship hang in the sitting room of the suite. Two views are depicted in the decorated central roundels: Florence, River Arno from Ponte Vecchio and Rome, Piazza del Quirinale.

Wedding announcement

Elegant announcement for the silver wedding anniversary of Vittoria Fiorenzi and Luigi Aleandri by her cousin Fiorenza Fiorenzi, 3 February 1898. Vittoria Fiorenzi, daughter of Lorenzo and sister of Teodosio; Luigi Aleandri from Macerata, brother of the engineer Ireneo Aleandri, who was very active in many cities of the Marches, in particular San Severino, where he resided in the first years of operation, Ascoli Piceno and Macerata. In Macerata he designed the Sferisterio (1823) and in Porto San Giorgio Villa Caterina (1825), commissioned by Prince Girolamo Bonaparte.

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