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FAQ: Explore Our Historic Palace

Welcome to the FAQ section of our historic palace!
Here you will find all the answers you need to make the most of your visit. Explore the history-rich atmosphere of our palace as you journey through our answers to the most common questions, enjoying a memorable experience during your exploration of our enchanting historical heritage.

Only guests can access the entrance hall and, going up the large staircase, reach suites. No part of the palace is open to the public.

Smoking is forbidden throughout the residence with the exception of the external terrace. Please do not park on the left side of the garden. You are not allowed to bring pets during your stay. You are not allowed to access private areas and open wardrobes and furniture throughout the common area of the residence. It is forbidden to touch the paintings. For the safety of guests, please do not lean out of windows and never open and close shutters.

Next to each entrance door there are keypads for entering the secret code given to the guest at check-in or in some cases online.

Guests may park their cars inside the small garden in front of the building (only on the right side), surrounded by a high wall delimiting the small garden from the adjacent Piazza del Duomo. The cost of parking is included in the price of the suite.

In front of the palace is the San Leopardo Cathedral and the Baptistery dedicated to San Giovanni Battista. Going up the short ramp that leads to Piazza Episcopio you reach the entrance to the Diocesan Museum, which can be visited by reservation.

In the historic center there are other places of historical interest, including the caves of Cantinone, those of the Campana palace, various churches, including the church of San Francesco, which houses the tomb of the patron saint of the town of Osimo, San Giuseppe da Copertino. For further information, enquire at the tourism office located in via Fonte Magna, 12.

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