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The memory of The Family

Documents and correspondence from the 13th century to date

Countess Maria Fiorenzi, unmarried, known as zia Mimmi, was the keeper of the family archive until 1982. After her death, her nephew Gianlorenzo, current count and owner of the historic home, became responsible for the archive.

  • Historical archive
  • Portrait of a woman
  • Pendulum clock
  • Miniature of a man
  • Pendulum clock
  • Desk

Historical archive

The important archive was created by Francesco, the last abbot of the abbey of Castel Baldo, an abbey granted under perpetual lease to our family in 1571 by Pope Pius V. One of his ancestors, Monsignor Teodosio, was the secret chamberlain and minister of the Pope’s memorials, later made a saint, who rewarded him for his services by granting him the abbey of Santa Maria di Castelbaldo on lease and the title of counts of Monte Cerno to his descendants. Between the end of the 13th century and the end of the 19th century, many correspondences, prints, parchments, passports, and various documents, more or less relevant, were collected in volumes bound by Abbot Francesco in the last quarter of the 18th century. The archive is enriched with over 150 parchments – the oldest of which dating back to 1270, up to the most recent ones in the late 18th century – and with the seals of Monsignor Teodosio, who later became bishop of Osimo in 1588, and of other abbots of the family.

Portrait of a woman

Giuseppina Della Porta, young fiancée of Count Teodosio Fiorenzi, died prematurely a few months before the wedding, after a short, terrible illness. Her death notice read: “On Aprile 3rd, Countess Giuseppina Della Porta, worn out by a slow, incurable lung disease, consoled by all the comforts of our holy religion, in the prime of her twenty-two years of age, gave God her beautiful soul. Pious, meek, naive, close to being crowned with nuptial joys in the love of her fiancé Count Teodosio Fiorenzi of Osimo, she accepted with all resignation the decrees of Heaven on her life. While the frost of death has dried up the wedding flowers set for you, the supreme Sun will beget and enliven much fresher and more fragrant ones for you in the eternal spring”..

The oldest

Pendulum clock

Antique gilded bronze and silvered bronze Parisian Louis Philippe pendulum clock depicting a female figure with a child on her lap. Mercury gilding, mid-19th century – Louis Philippe, from France, “Romanet – à Lons Le Saunier” signed quadrant.

Miniature of a man

Carlo Fiorenzi, di Teodosio. A beautiful face, a little elongated, friendly, and cheerful, a rather pronounced chin and the usual prominent nose of all brothers and sisters. He attended the military academy in Modena and went to war, was wounded several times and honored with many medals. He was fearless, as can be inferred from the reasons behind the medals awarded to him. A warrior student, since he spent the four years of the great war between the trenches of the Carso and the classrooms of the University of Bologna. After the war, he graduated in engineering and began to practice his profession in Rome where, a few years later, in 1925, he died of a bad lung disease at the tender age of 30, due to a relapse of the sufferings endured during the long trench war.


Fine quality bois de rose desk, 18th century, completely original, with sliding top and fived drawers.
It was the count’s desk from the 18th century to date.

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